Slide background

 Hover over Appearance 
 and click on Menus 

 Drag and drop elements 
 to reorder your menu 

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 Indented elements will be 
 sub-menus of the item above it 

 Check the box next to 
 the page name, and 
 click Add to Menu 

 Click Save Menu to 
 finalize your changes 

You have now updated your Menu and your changes should apply immediately!

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First, click on Appearance on the left hand side of the page


In the menu that drops down, click on Menus


To add a page to your navigation menu, select the page you want from the list on the left hand side



Once you’ve selected the page(s) you’d like to add to your menu, click Add to Menu



By default, this will put the new item at the end of your navigation bar. To re-order the list, simply drag the new bar with the page name on it to your desired location.

To create a menu item that shows up in the drop-down menu, place the page under the name of the drop-down menu under which it will appear. Once you’re done click on Save Menu.