cPanel FAQs


If you don’t find an answer here, please contact a Marathon Websites & Services Representative at or (800) 228-0629.

Q: What is cPanel?
A: cPanel is a web-based control panel that lets you control many aspects of your Marathon hosting account.  Several functions are included with your cPanel account including the access to your statistics (stats) page, and changing your password.  Additional features can be added as well to regulate website databases when needed for use of 3rd-party applications like WordPress or PhotoCart.

Q: Why do I need to access my cPanel?
A: You may need to access your cPanel for several reasons including:

  • To change your FTP (SFTP) password
  • To access your website statistics/stats
  • To access your website’s databases should you need this (this feature can be added when needed).

Your cPanel username and password are important as they will be needed to access your site via SFTP.

Q: I have never logged into my cPanel account OR I have lost my cPanel password. How do I change my cPanel password?
A: You will need to contact a Websites & Services Representative via email at , or by phone at (800) 228-0629.

Q: I am able to log into my cPanel account. Can I change my password?
A: You can change your cPanel account password at anytime by logging into your cPanel account and clicking on the Change Password icon/link at the top.

Q: How to I access my stats page?
A: Once you login to your cPanel account, scroll down to the LOGS menu box and select the Awstats icon to retrieve current stats.

Q: How do I access my older stats?
A: Please contact a Marathon Websites & Services Representative within 30 days of your email notification and we will be able to run a report and email you a PDF of older stats.

Q: My FTP program is not able to connect. Do I need to update my settings?
A: In most cases, you should be able to just update your FTP settings.  There are some cases, however, where you may need to update your FTP program as well as older programs do not support secure FTP connections.

If your FTP program is newer, you should be able to update your connection information as follows:

  • FTP Host Address:  This is your domain name (i.e. yourdomain.tld)
  • FTP Username and Password:  Use your cPanel username and password
  • FTP Port:  22 (or just select SFTP for the protocol in your FTP program)

This new information can be placed into your FTP program’s Site Manager should it have this feature.

Should you need to update your FTP program to support the SFTP (Secure FTP) connection, or should you need an FTP program, we suggest using the Client version of Filezilla, it’s free and works very well. Click here to go to their website.

Q: I’m connected with my FTP program, but where are my files?
A: Once you have made your SFTP connection, find and go into the public_html folder. Once you go into this folder, you’ll find all of the folders that you are normally accustomed to.

Q: I have tried to log into my FTP program too many times incorrectly and now it seems that I am locked out of FTP as well as my cPanel account. Can I get back in?
A: If you have made too many attempts to log in using the incorrect FTP/SFTP information, our system here will block your access.  To regain access, we will need your IP address in order to unblock your IP address from our servers.  Here’s what to do:

  • Point your web browser to OR (whichever one works for you)
  • Look for your IP address (either in the upper-right corner of the screen, or in the center of the screen depending on which site you visit
  • Either call a Marathon Websites & Services Representative at (800) 228-0629 with this IP address, or email us at with your domain name and IP address

Q: Can I access website files without FTP access?
A: Tools are now provided within your cPanel account, such as File Manager, that can be used to access your website files in a more secure fashion than regular FTP. You will not have access to any online proofs as this will require SFTP access.