Outlook 2003 Setup

How to setup your Marathon-hosted email account using Outlook 2003

Open Outlook 2003, from the Tools menu, select E-mail Accounts…




On the Email Accounts window, select Add a new e-mail account, and then click Next.




For the Server Type select POP3, and then click Next.




On the Internet E-mail Settings (POP3) window, enter your information as follows:

     Your Name – Enter your name or your business name, this will show in the From field when you send emails.

     E-mail Address – Enter your full email address, example@your domain name.

     User Name – Enter your full email address again.

     Password – Enter the password you were given for this account.

     Incoming mail server (POP3) – Enter mail.your domain name.

     Outgoing mail server (SMTP) – Enter mail.your domain name.

     Example – If your domain name was marathonpress.net you would enter mail.marathonpress.net


Before selecting Next, click More Settings…




On the Internet E-mail Settings window, go to the Outgoing Server tab. Check the box next to My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication. Now tick the circle next to Use same settings as my incoming mail server.




Next, go to the Advanced tab, make sure the Incoming server (POP3): is set to 110.  For the Outgoing server (SMTP): you will need to change the port to 7625.

Click Next.




You will be taken back to the main Email Accounts window, click Finish.




Your Marathon-hosted Email account should now be setup, you will want to send your self a test from another email account to verify it is working correctly.