E-Mail Policy and Terms of Use

  • A Marathon hosting account is required.
  • It is your responsibility to recognize and notify Marathon if email is failing to reach you.
  • Marathon E-mail Accounts may not be used for sending mass e-mails. If you need to send messages in masses, ask about Marathon’s E-Mail Marketing Services.
  • To access your e-mail account from any location, utilize Marathon’s free web-based e-mail service.

Supported E-Mail Software

You may use any e-mail software, however we only provide support for the clients listed in the column on the left side. For help with other e-mail software, please contact the software vendor.

Unsupported E-Mail Software and other issues

If you prefer to use an email client other than those listed above, Marathon will provide you with the information necessary to configure the software. However, you will be responsible for the actual configuration. You may need to contact your ISP or a local service technician in the event that issues arise that we are unable to resolve due to:

  • Anti-virus software.
  • Personal firewall software.
  • Web browser related issues.
  • Computer updates and maintenance related issues.
  • Port 25 block and related problems.


To improve security and server performance, certain limitations my be placed on e-mail services at Marathon’s discretion.


You may not send to more than 25 recipients per e-mail message. If you need to send mass e-mail please use our Email Marketing Services.


Attachments are limited to 10 MB per message.