Post Editing

After logging into your blog’s dashboard, click the “Posts” link at the top of your screen to access your posts.


Blog Posts 1


All Posts
Where you can manage your posts. Posts are the main content of your blog. You can edit a post by clicking on the post title or on “edit” at the right hand side.


Blog Posts 2


Write Posts
This is the scrolling blog area where you may begin writing about your business, latest thoughts, or even your latest/current events. Each post can have its own unique title. By default, your postings will automatically be sorted so that the most recent post is at the top. However, you can write a post and save as a draft and finish it later or even complete a post and publish on a future date.

  • Post Title
    • Enter the Title of you post here
  • Type Your Content Here
    • Enter the content and/or images you want to post in this box.
  • Advanced
    • Allows you to change the Author, add tags, specify what day you want to publish, and embed video
  • Save Draft
    • Saves the post as a draft, but will not display the post
  • Publish
    • Makes the post visible on your Blog.


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Blog Posts 4